Internet Gambling Facts and Problems

And it results in a splurge of money that can rather be utilized for better reasons.


? In 2004, Google and Yahoo! declared the removal of online gambling advertisements from their websites.

? The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 is a federal law of the United States that prohibits the operation of certain kinds of betting practices in the country. In an attempt to win more and more money, one continues staking it, even thoughtlessly at times. Hackers gain easy access to confidential information of the users.

Internet gambling, as most of us know, is any form of gambling that makes use of the Internet. For more on this, you must read about the impact of Internet gambling. People who have never gained any exposure to land-based casinos or local bookies find online gambling enjoyable. Users can sign up to their websites and bet money through electronic transactions. One of the most important advantages of Internet gambling is that it does not require you to leave your home. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States has proclaimed that the Federal Wire Act applies only to sports betting.

? The Internet gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones today. Your favorite game is just a few clicks away.

For professional gamblers, it is their major source of income.

Casual social gamblers engage in gambling activities for the purpose of entertainment.

Serious social gamblers involve in gambling with great sincerity and may end up spending huge amounts on it.

? Some gamblers engage in gambling activities for escaping from the stress in their life. One instance of winning money is sufficient to tempt a user to bet more. ? Gambling activities that involve online money transactions are a greater risk. However, if one is to think about the waste of productive time that online gambling results in, and the other problems that it can lead to, it becomes clear why one should stay away from online gambling or at least restrict the time spent on it.


The problems with Internet gambling mainly include the risk of addiction and that of the emergence and spread of illegal practices in society.

? In most members of the European Union and the nations that surround the Caribbean Sea, different forms of Internet gambling are legalized.

? Gamblers seen around the world can be classified under a few basic categories. . A few occurrences of winning good amounts of money is enough to lure him into risking more. The lack of regulation makes online gambling a prey to network hackers. Lacking regulation, these sites are vulnerable to attacks by network hackers. Online casinos, online poker, online sports betting, among others, are some of the common forms of Internet gambling. A majority of children and youngsters are attracted to online gambling.

? Internet gambling lacks a centralized regulation. Losing big money results in heavy financial losses, which can in turn lead to frustration.

One of the major Internet gambling problems is its detrimental effect on society. With one’s money involved, there is also a risk of one’s financial or account information being hacked.

? An excessive exposure to Internet gambling activities can lead to addiction. However, there is no evidence to prove this, as casinos and race tracks are a more common and prominent reason behind the rise in money laundering.

? It is commonly believed that there are higher chances of people getting addicted to Internet gambling than to other forms of it. In this case, it can lead them to compulsive gambling wherein a person feels compelled to engage in gambling activities for which he/she sacrifices his family and career.

? It is said that money-laundering activities are common in case of online gambling. There are various Internet gambling companies that offer users the option to play games and gamble online. It leads to a waste of resources (time and money). Once lured by the money that can be made through such activities, it’s not unnatural for a user to get addicted to this form of gambling. As no government authority regulates online gambling, it can lead to the spread of several illegal practices. But one cannot get lucky every time. It can lead to addiction among youngsters

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Nevada legalizes online gambling – CBS News

New Jersey Gov. “Today I sign into law the framework that will usher in the next frontier of gaming in Nevada.”

The benefit for other states, he said, is Nevada’s “most mature regulatory infrastructure.”

Several other states began looking into online gambling after the Department of Justice issued a letter in 2011 stating that the federal Wire Act of 1961, often used to crack down on gambling over the Internet, only applies to sports betting.

“It’s imperative for the success of this that we compact with other states because we don’t have a universe of players,” Ernaut said.

Nevada wanted to beat New Jersey, its East Coast casino rival, to the online gambling punch. But when those efforts failed in Congress, Sandoval said Nevada would work toward agreements with other states.

“This was a lot of work and it couldn’t have been done without the governor’s leadership and vision,” he said.

Pete Ernaut, a lobbyist representing the Nevada Resort Association, said expanding the customer base was key.

Gambling regulators will now come up with regulations dictating compact parameters.

AB114 authorizes Nevada to enter into compacts with other states to offer Internet poker. Chris Christie previously vetoed an online wagering bill but has indicated he may sign an amended version next week.

Partnering with other states gives Nevada an expanded customer market and provides other states with Nevada’s expertise in gambling regulation.

He praised legislators for their swift action and commended Assembly Majority Leader William Horne, a Democrat from Las Vegas, for shepherding the bill.

AG Burnett, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said the state already has about 20 applications from various operators, equipment and software vendors to be licensed for online gambling.

“We have the most mature financial, auditing and collection capabilities, much greater than some of those states, and they have the players,” he said.. A renewal fee was set at $250,000.

The measure makes Nevada the first state in the country to approve interstate online gaming, notes CBS Las Vegas affiliate KLAS-TV, adding that it was put on the fast track Thursday. Brian Sandoval signed legislation Thursday legalizing online gambling in Nevada, capping a dizzying day at the Legislature as lawmakers passed the bill through the Assembly and Senate as an emergency measure.

Sandoval, a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission added, “This bill is critical to our state’s economy and ensures that we will continue to be the gold standard for gaming regulation.”

Horne, in turn, had equal accolades for the Republican governor.

“This is an historic day for the great state of Nevada,” Sandoval said, flanked by dozens of state lawmakers. Sandoval had pushed for companies that want to offer online gambling to pay a $500,000 fee, while Horne, in the original bill draft, proposed $1 million.

Sandoval and Nevada legislative leaders said it was important for Nevada to remain at the forefront of gambling regulation.

Under a compromise, the fee was set at $500,000, though it gives the Nevada Gaming Commission authority to change the amount. It sailed through both the Assembly and Senate on Thursday after a joint hearing before the two judiciary committees.

“As to our competitor, New Jersey, they should be accustomed to following Nevada,” he said.

Horne couldn’t resist at jab at Nevada’s gambling rivals.

CARSON CITY, Nev. Gov. Senate and Assembly judiciary committees approved it, sending it to the Assembly where it passed unanimously.

The bill approved Thursday resolved a disagreement between Horne and the governor’s office over licensing fees. The Senate passed it at midday and sent it to the governor’s desk for signature.

Lawmakers in 2011 passed a bill that put Nevada in position to legalize Internet gambling if the federal government sanctioned it

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10 Steps You Can Take To Stop Gambling Today

If you gamble online, get gamblock today.. If you want to stop starting right now, block all access to money. Don’t know where to turn to for help? Email


When your next urge comes, what will you do? You’ll need to know the answer to this. Know what to do & who to call if a thought or urges to gamble hits you….(and unfortunately they will).

When you absolutely must stop gambling right now, here are 10 steps you can take today.


Stopping Gambling isn’t easy. Inpatient Treatment is another. In the beginning the constant thoughts and urges to gamble can be intense. In the moment, you’ll want a plan of action to take when the urge to gamble attempts to overwhelm you.


Only those who never give up on themselves & their program of recovery beat gambling. If needed, list them out. You trust that the program will solve your gambling problem, as long as you never give up on it.

To learn the secrets to stopping gambling now, & to get 1 on 1 coaching from Jason visit or email Jason at


If you go to a local casino, take a caring friend and ban yourself for life.

If you play online, contact the online casino and have your account closed permanently, & demand to be banned from their site. Know that if they can do it, you can too. You help yourself and others triumph over a common enemy. It may sound funny, but joining a group of fellow recovering gamblers gives you strength & power over your gambling. Its best to find someone who’s been in your shoes, but hasn’t gambled in quite some time.

Make sure you like them, they have your best interest in mind, & truly do help you. (Email the author at for online communities you can join today). There are 1000′s of people who once were severely addicted to gambling, haven’t gambled for months and even years. Put up pictures of them & when you see it, remember that’s who you’re stopping for.

Recognize that if you gamble, you’re letting them down.

Remind yourself of all the bad things that have been caused by your obsession to gamble. He’s overcome his own addiction to gambling & has helped many others do the same. You make lifelong friends who will always understand and care.

This step can be done by attending Gamblers Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, & finding online support and help. Carrying recovery reading & phone numbers help. A gambling problem is very strong, plays many tricks on on our minds, & tries to convince us of many lies. He is an author, life coach, sponsor, & former GA chapter president, husband, & stepfather.

There is but one good throw upon the dice, which is, to throw them away. Know that there are 1000′s of recovering gamblers. -Author Unknown.


Get or print off pro gambling recovery literature & carry it with you at all times.

Read it daily, especially in first months. There are therapists, counselors, & life coaches out there trained to help you stop.


Make a list of the people you love & love you back.

These 10 steps are an excellent start to stopping gambling today.

If you have any unanswered questions or need to be pointed in the right direction email


If you want to stop gambling right now, the first step begins by stopping to carry money. Have phone numbers listed for people to call who support you in your recovery.


To overcome something as powerful as a gambling problem or addiction, we must get help from others.

Help is out there in many forms. Connect your gambling with the the negative consequences its brought into your life.


Recovering in numbers is key. (because it is the truth).

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What does this mean exactly? It means you must submit,commit, & trust in the program of recovery you choose. Carry only a very small budget for food each day and thats it.( absolutely no more than $5). Combat this with the previous 9 steps & a one on one coach, sponsor, or therapist. This includes credit cards, debit cards, access to bank accounts, checks, loans, etc. Gamblers Anonymous is one. Good help seems to come from ex-gamblers themselves because they’ve been there, & they understand. Call them ANYTIME you need to. The only time casinos won’t let you gamble, is when you don’t have what they want……money.

Jason is a recovered compulsive gambler of over 5 years and a certified professional life coach

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