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Stephen King on inspiration behind “End of Watch,” 2016 politics

When it comes to the art of storytelling, few do it better than Stephen King. King joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss “End of Watch,” the final part of his bestselling Bill Hodges trilogy that started with “Mr. His success began in 1974 with “Carrie.” He has since written more than 50 books, selling more than 350 million copies. For over 40 years, filmmakers have turned to King’s library for inspiration. Mercedes,” and why he is concerned about Donald Trump’s candidacy for president.



June 7, 8:32 AM

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M Resort Race and Sports Book Voted ‘Best Sports Book for Watching March Madness’ by ESPN Insider

In-Running enables sports bettors to bet on spreads and odds that change

with nearly every play.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As race and sports books in Las Vegas gear up for the busiest time of

the year – March Madness – ESPN Insider has put together its own guide

of where to go to watch the action.

Winning ‘hands down’ is the race and sports book at the M

Resort Spa Casino.

The M Resort stood out, according to ESPN Insider because of its

In-Running wagering option, as well as the high limits available. “…the best – not even close” according to

one customer interviewed by ESPN.

Run by Cantor Gaming, an affiliate of Wall Street firm Cantor

Fitzgerald, the M Resort Race and Sports Book is designed to feel like a

trading floor and with a buzz to match.

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Main Page – Handbook of Journalism

The handbook, now in its second online edition and fully revised, is the work of no one individual. As journalists, however, we have additional responsibilities if we are to fulfil the highest aspirations of our profession – to search for and report the truth, fairly, honestly and unfailingly.

This handbook is not intended as a collection of “rules.” Beyond the obvious, such as the cardinal sin of plagiarism, the dishonesty of fabrication or the immorality of bribe-taking, journalism is a profession that has to be governed by ethical guiding principles rather than by rigid rules. These are our core values and stem from the

Reuters Trust Principles. The way in which we, as Reuters employees, live these values is governed by the

Reuters Code of Conduct. As a real-time, competitive news service whose reputation rests on reliability, we also value accuracy, speed and exclusivity. What follows is an attempt to map out those principles, as guidance to taking decisions and adopting behaviours that are in the best interests of Reuters, our shareholders, our customers, our contacts, our readers and our profession.

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Introduction. It builds on the work of colleagues, too many to number over the past 150 years, whose commitment to the most ethical standards of our profession has made Reuters the outstanding news organisation it is today.

April 2008

Everything we do as Reuters journalists has to be independent, free from bias and executed with the utmost integrity. Dozens of journalists from text, television, pictures and from domestic as well as international services, have worked to bring it up to date. That code, with a few notable exceptions that apply specifically to journalists, governs the behaviour of all Reuters employees and is essential reading. The latter constrain, and restrict our ability to operate. The former liberate, and lead to better journalism

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