Three Las Vegas casinos with best paying slots

There are studies published by two separate groups in Vegas that support best overall slot paybacks ( or lowest house edges ) at El Cortez and The Palms.

The Palms has been the best paying slots choice of both readers and staff on the Las Vegas Review Journal’s 2011 Best of Las Vegas listing. These data include GCB revenue data as current as June 2011.

In the December 2010 newsletter issue of The Las Vegas Advisor, a study demonstrated the Palms (4.54%) had the lowest win % ( defined as the percentage held by the casino of every dollar put through all slots , analogous to higher player paybacks ) as compared to the State of Nevada (6.14%), Clark County (6.3%), the Strip (7.1%), Downtown (6.3%), North Las Vegas (5.9%), and the Boulder Strip (5.2%). What we’re emphasizing here is the relative overall expectation improvements and perhaps time on device results that should theoretically enhance player satisfaction from slot play at the above casinos.. Those two casinos are The Palms and the El Cortez.

In July of 2010, the South Point Casino advertised their intent to increase payback percentages on a number of their slot machines ( see LVE article link below ). El Cortez (4.35%) and The Palms (4.54%) had lower house edges than the averages for the Strip ( 7.3% ), Downtown (6.4%), North Las Vegas (5.9%), Clark County ( 6.4% ), and the State of Nevada (6.2% ). These figures included data from the Gaming Control Board’s Gaming Revenue Report as the win percentage from 9/1/09 – 8/31/10 for “total slot machines”, which includes results for reel slots, video poker, and what they term as other mechanical devices. Countless Las Vegas casinos could learn volumes about customer marketing by lowering slot holds / increasing paybacks ( see additional previous LVE slot articles linked below ).


Though the above stats and actual slot play experiences indicate better slot returns at three specific Vegas casinos, most people can expect to lose when playing slots. On our most recent visit to Las Vegas in June 2011, we visited South Point to check out their advertised slot improvements. In order to accurately determine the answer to this frequent inquiry, the analysis would require individual casinos to voluntarily open their books to independent auditors. We have no statistical data to back our impressions, but we experienced a noticeable amount of “time on device” and actually made a net profit from a 3 hour slot session on numerous low denomination machines there. The Palms has been the recipient of the top spot on this list numerous times in the past.

One of the most frequently asked questions from Vegas visitors who gamble ( 80 – 85% of all visitors ) is “which casinos have the loosest slot machines?”.

Charles Higgins

The Wizard of Odds slots page has relatively current data that show known house edges for all slot types at both the El Cortez and The Palms ( the only two casinos that have provided accounting info ). These results indicate that the Palms offers a better average payback than the average casino within each gaming area.

The fact that these two properties are the only factual slot return info providers immediately suggests confidence that they offer slots with the best average player returns in Las Vegas. To date, only two Las Vegas casinos have provided factual accounting information regarding slot revenues. We had an enjoyable overall slot experience during this visit, and our impressions were that the management lived up to their advertised claims of “looser slots”

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