Killing Floor Weapons List for the Berserker Class / Perk

The extra range makes it a more potent melee weapon at attacking stalkers and crawlers, and the massive damage with the alt-fire swing means it’s incredibly effective at taking out more powerful monsters like Husks, Scrakes, and even Fleshpounds. Gorefests and Clots die quickly as well, but the hitbox isn’t as reliable as the Katana, meaning the player must point it directly at the enemy to ensure the hits register.

Rating 2/5

Fireaxe / Axe

The Axe offers incredible power with each swing, and a significant upgrade in swing range over the Combat Knife and Machete. It costs little, weighs little, it offers close to the same speed as the Combat Knife, but also offers a bit more punch with each swing. However, the knife quickly becomes outdated. With perfect timing, the swing will connect before the crawler can hit the player. Each swing deals such power it can stun Husks and Scrakes, making for easy kills. The primary fire is great at mowing down mobs as they funnel through a chokepoint like a door or tunnel, while the alt-fire offers powerful attacks for taking out Husks and Scrakes.

For players who have more difficulty with Crawlers and Stalkers, the Lever Action Rifle makes for a reliable means to quickly pick off those troublesome little monsters. The one weakness of this powerful melee weapon is the slow swing speed makes it more likely to get overwhelmed, and near-impossible to string together ZED time.

Rating 5/5


With alt-fire, the Chainsaw can be swung similar to previous melee weapons, but with primary-fire, the player sticks out the chainsaw directly in front and revs it, dealing numerous hits in a short period of time. For Crawlers and Stalkers, crouching near a doorway will make short work of them, but the player will likely be damaged in the process. Then rinse and repeat until it’s dead. However, in most cases the Machete is simply not a significant enough upgrade to purchase, even taking it’s low cost into consideration.

To kill crawlers mid-jump, the player should start a normal swing exactly when the crawler starts his jump. In multiplayer, the berserker should be cautious and wait for the team to focus their fire on the Fleshpound, and then run in for a few swings to finish the job.

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The Killing Floor is a online co-op FPS by Tripwire Interactive. The Chainsaw offers the most powerful attacks available to the Berserker, but also greatly reduces running speed, making it difficult to pounce on a siren in-between her screams. Once lurkers and crawlers start attacking, switching to the 9mm to safely dispatch them from a safe distance is the best bet before obtaining a more powerful melee weapon.


Initially, the Machete may seem like an attractive upgrade for a Berserker. The knife attacks with blinding speed, and a single strike can decapitate weaker monsters like Clots in a single swing, and makes it easy to string together ZED time when killing weaker enemies. The Katana will chop off limbs and heads in a single cut against weaker enemies.

Rating 3/5

Other Weapons to Consider for the Berserker Perk

When using the Katana exclusively, the Berserker has several alternative weapons that can greatly assist against foes. After dealing a certain amount of damage, the perk will level up.

The Killing Floor Weapons List and GuideThe Berserker perk is a class with high ability to survive and powerful, up-close attacks. Against Scrakes, Husks, Sirens, and Bloats, running in with an alt-fire swing and then spamming normal swings should ensure quick kills. This Killing Floor game guide lists and rates all of the weapons for the Berserker, and provides brief hints and tips on how to use them most effectively.

The machete is a tad more reliable at taking out stalkers, however, the lack of range means its no more reliable than the combat knife at taking out crawlers.

Considering the slow swing speed of alt-fire, it should sorely be reserved for powerful foes. Visit the official Killing Floor website for more information and up-to-date news on the Killing Floor.

Combat Knife

All players begin each game with a Combat Knife for close-quarters combat. Sirens and Bloats are easy pickings too, but the player must be cautious and wait for the right moment to strike to avoid being damaged too heavily. Rating 4/5


The Katana offers the most reliable and powerful weapon in the Berserker’s arsenal of melee destruction. As for Clots, Gorefests, and Stalkers, the player can swing just about anywhere and kill in a single shot. When playing solo, the player can alt-fire swing a few times against a Fleshpound and retreat before it rages. The Crossbow makes for an accurate, long-range weapon for dealing massive damage to Fleshpounds before they can get close, and for taking out other problematic enemies for the Berserker, most especially the Sirens.

To level up the Berserker perk, simply use any of the below weapons against the monsters. Attempting to knife crawlers and stalkers is dangerous, while attempting to knife larger monsters like Scrakes and Fleshpounds is borderline suicidal.. For players who frequently become overwhelmed, an explosive weapon such as the grenade launchers can thin out the mobs, along with weakening more powerful foes before they close the distance.

The alt-fire for the Fireaxe should not be underestimated. The Katana swings with about the same speed as the machete, and about the same power as the fireaxe, making it an ideal middle ground for taking out most enemies. With perfect timing, the Katana can reliably kill crawlers mid-jump, and the alt-fire can reliably kill Sirens, and stun Scrakes.

Generally speaking, the knife should only be used against Clots and Gorefests

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