Is Johnny Depp Set to Appear Live at Glastonbury or Reading?

But how about at a festival? Surely a place as large as Glastonbury allows a modicum of anonymity?

Babybird Festival Appearances

The major drawback here is that, it seems, Babybird havent been invited to perform at any festivals this summer. Theyre playing a series of low-key gigs throughout June/July, and then its festival season. That was the tabloids story anyway, although it does seem a bit melodramatic for a star whos normally so down to earth.

Babybird Tour 2010

Babybird are currently touring the UK with their album Ex-Maniac, which Johnny Depp featured on. Also, look out for a brief appearance from Brit favourite Stephen Graham – another pal of Depps since they worked together on Public Enemies – as one of the executioners.

Thanks go to Depp

So, whilst the rumours continue to abound regarding Johnny actually performing live with Babybird, there is at least one thing that is sure. A message from Stephen Jones was posted on twitter and re-printed on a Babybird fan-site, saying,

So that would seem to be an end to that. The delectable Mr Depps patronage has certainly raised the profile of the band, and thats no bad thing.


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Either way, surely it’s a given that any of the major fests would happily accommodate a performance by Babybird featuring the biggest movie star on the planet? Even if its completely devoid of fanfare, as Johnny would no doubt prefer, and even if its just one song.

Unlovable Video Directed by Johnny Depp

The song that Johnny played guitar on is also the one for which he has directed a video. Like much of the Ex-Maniac album (and indeed Babybirds most famous old song Youre Gorgeous), the track combines darkly poignant lyrics with a catchy, uplifting melody.

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Manchester seemed a good bet, as Johnny is familiar with the city. It would seem Johnnys fame and popularity has put the kibosh on his hope of performing discreetly with Babybird in a low key public venue. got the feeling he was only too aware the number of girlies in the audience were there to see him and him alone, and all the other performers knew it as well.

Sadly all the festivals turned Babybird down. It may be that The Suns hype has killed off any chance of Depp playing live publicly with the band at all.

Johnny Depp Live on Stage

On the web, the official online community of Babybird can neither confirm nor deny the possibility of Johnny joining the band on tour, although the general consensus on the forum seems to suggest its unlikely. In October 2009 Gordon Smart reported that Depp had been secretly lined up to join their come back gig at Hoxton Square Bar in London. A Babybird fan called Caroline has seen Johnny play live previously, in Florida. Although, with the Manchester gig already done and dusted, chances do seem to be diminishing.

Unfortunately, escaping that adulation does not come easily. Unlovable is a searing, melancholic ballad. Sadly, Johnny didnt put in an appearance at the Babybird gig. According to the paper, two ex-SAS minders had been hired to enable Johnny to play guitar for the band in safety. Its inexplicable.

Davies, Steve, 16/11/09, Babybird at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen,, accessed 20/06/10

Will Johnny Depp play Glasto?For some time now The Sun newspaper has been suggesting Johnny Depp might appear live on stage with the band Babybird. Its artily filmed, mostly in black and white, although the subject matter has meant some TV stations/websites have banned it. Johnny himself was rumoured to have delivered an impromptu set at Glastonbury last year, but this may very well have been a case of mistaken identity. Her astute summation, posted on the forum, was that she

Smart, Gordon, 20/10/09, Depps a new wing man, The Sun. He already has pals there, such as Noel Gallagher from Oasis. Except, festivals as big as Glasto and Reading are accustomed to squeezing last minute surprise guests onto their line-ups, and for enabling famous cameos. After all, the booze does flow thick and fast at these shindigs.

The video, directed by Depp, capitalises on this darkness with a story featuring Stephen Jones hanging, for crimes unknown. And they got a tongue-lashing for stealing real fans space from Babybirds main man Stephen Jones too.

Ex-SAS Minders for Mr Depp?

The Sun later reported that although Johnny had wanted to appear, security fears had made it impossible. An uncut version is available to view on Unisons website. Much to the chagrin of the paps, whod hijacked the front row, he didnt. But by April of this year, that issue was resolved. (Unison Music, launched by Depp, is the bands record company). (He played on the Be Here Now album). Rumour has it that Johnny could be joining the band for a surprise live appearance at any time

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