Stanleybet move into Polish market.

We expect to increase the number of outlets over the next two to three years, and will also work on enhancing the betting offer.”

In a joint-venture with Steinberg, Stanleybet have bought a twothirds stake in Star Typ Sport (STS), the market leader in Polish sports betting with a chain of 435 shops.

Stanleybet have recently signed a deal with Gaming to supply server-based virtual horse and greyhound racing content for the Cyprus market.

BHA IT manager Steven Shaw said: “This is a great example of the industry working together, proactively looking to solve a complex technology problem and to provide a better service to racing.”

Inspired has also announced new arrangements with Ladbrokes, to develop unique gaming content for their international operation, beginning with a virtual racing game customised for individual markets, and Sportsbet International, to provide virtual racing content via satellite in 250 retail betting shops in Croatia and Serbia, and across 950 outlets in Venezuela.

Offering no horse or greyhound racing, STS get 80 per cent of their turnover from football, operating from shops that average 25 square metres of floor space, with wall boards rather than screens, and a slow churn largely driven by an odds magazine that appears every Monday.

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STANLEYBET International, the Liverpool-based company left to concentrate on European affairs whenWilliam Hill bought Stanley Leisure’s betting shops in 2005, have expanded into Poland, with the help of founder and former chairman Lord Steinberg. . It’s a very attractive proposition, where we believe we can grow the business.”

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Stanleybet MD John Whittaker said: “Poland is a large and growing market, and our joint commitment to offer the best services to Polish customers will ensure that STS retain the number one position. Having stolen a march on their rivals, Stanleybet now claim to be the leading cross-border retail sports-betting company in Europe with a total of more than 1,400 outlets. The majority of their intermediaries are in Cyprus, Germany and Italy, but Poland has been added to locally licensed outlets in Belgium, Croatia and Romania.

Explaining the decision to move into Poland, Stanleybet finance director Adrian Morris said: “It’s an EU member state, has properly regulated, competitive markets, and there is a population of 40 million

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