Robben Island Ferry – Transport Link to This World Heritage Site

This ferry takes you to a place where you can find theanswers.

Some of the answers will already be revealed on the ferry as you watcha video on the struggle in the Old South Africa while leaving the bay.

Duringthe years that the prison was in use many indigenous Africanleaders as well as Muslim leaders from the East Indies, anti-apartheidactivists and Dutch and Britishsoldiers and civilians served their sentences on Robben Island. People the world over have their own preconceived ideas ofwhat it must have been like for political activists during theapartheid years. It became notorious during the apartheid yearswhen it became world-known for its institutional brutality whilebeing used as a maximumsecurity prison for political prisoners. Robben Island is synonymouswith Nelson Mandela and vice versa as it was this island that theformer South African president and many other black freedom fighterscame to know as home.

The real excitement is held in thedestination. . Anotherfamous politician that spent time in the prison at RobbenIsland was the founding leader of the Pan African Congress, RobertMangaliso Sobukwe.

RobbenIslandexemplifies and symbolizes the struggle for freedom against oppressionof basic human rights as well as the triumphs and victories gainedthough these struggles

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