Pad (Team Me)  Trainer & Mstr Prac NLP, Certified Life Coach

Pad has a vast wealth of experience coaching company directors, business executives, musicians and artists since 1991.

A speaker, Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Pad has conducted workshops, speaking engagements and coaching sessions around the UK, in Germany, Greece and the Far East.

Pad himself has a coach – as you’d expect. :-)

He has appeared on ITV, BBC World Service, and Radio5 Live and has been quoted in The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph.

His unique approach to performance improvement involves, firstly, a series of questions and profiling tools – which highlight the specific areas that need to be addressed and the underlying beliefs that drive current behaviours – and secondly, specific interventions, exercises and activities that demolish hinderances and unleash the individual’s potential.

7 Steps to End Your MidLife Crisis Expert

Pad (Team Me) Quick Facts

Main Areas: Success Coaching, Ending Your Midlife Crisis

Best Sellers: Team Me, Summary of Archetypes, The Yearning (Poetry of Love and Longing)

Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Director of Come Alive Success Coaching ltd

Affiliation: ICF, UCL

Helping you REDEFINE THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE, to get free from personal crisis and step into a life that’s energised, purpposeful and extraordinarily fulfilling.

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