Robert Pattinson May Have an Utimatium For Kristen Stewart With A Deadline Just Eighteen Days Before Eclipse Opens

beat England; 1994 the U.S. beat Columbia; 2002 the U.S. and Kristen Stewart are pals.  But there is only so much a red blooded guy can tolerate especially, when it comes to women.  Just Eighteen days before Eclipse is to open on June 30, 2010 Kristen may be asked to demonstrate her commitment to stepping up her relationship with Robert.  What could Pattinson want from Stewart?  To watch the World Cup soccer game of England v USA taking place at Royal Bafokeng Stadium (South Africa) on July 12th, 2010.  What else?

Here are some insider tips and secrets that Stewart and other World Cup newbies can learn in just a few short minutes.  Whether you are a gal wanting to impress her favorite guy on her soccer knowledge or a person who is just out of the loop read on, it’s painless. 

Here is the history of U.S. tied with the powerful team if Italy.

Tim Howard is the goalkeeper for the US team. 

The US team is favored to win in the matches between Slovenia and Algeria. went on to the quarterfinal in the World Cup games and outplayed the very strong German team, but in the end lost; 2006 team U.S. If the US does win both matches they have an excellent chance of advancing to the single elimination round!

Every four years the World Cup soccer (futbol) games take place in a host country.  This years games is hosted by South Africa which is a first for the continent of Africa.  What makes this year so exciting for Team USA  is that this year the team is a solid group.  It may be the best U.S. soccer team ever.  The team is being led by attacking midfielder Landon Donovan.

The greatest player of all time isn’t Pele, it is Diego Maradona of Argentina.. World Cup Glory -  1950 the U.S.

The best ranked team in the world is Spain.  The Spanish team ranked number one in the Confederations Cup.

Scoff at the theatrics and hairstyles of Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are sixty four matches in total and you can catch all of them live on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.  To dazzle your friends while watching the games be sure to throw out these tidbits:

Shout out your support for The Ivory Coast team known as the Elephants, which are known for their exciting playing style and is considered a superpower within the game.

The US is to play England June 12th, Slovenia June 18th and Algeria June 23rd. 

Mention the dribbling wizardry of Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

We know that ….

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