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People who choose super car hire know that they have to keep their eye on their Aventador so at least the prospect of an Aventador being towed away during car hire is relatively slim!

The Aventador’s popularity with people in the public eye is not surprising considering the type of image it evokes. The carbon fibre monocoque is eye catching from all angles: for the two passengers inside the cabin, it feels private yet on the exterior, the monocoque is a cocoon that makes people the centre of attention. The 0 – 62 acceleration time sits at 2.9 seconds. With a blistering ability to zoom off into the distance, the Aventador is the ideal car for motorists who want to go on drives to clear their heads for whatever reason. Treat yourself to a dose of that VIP lifestyle by going behind the wheel of an Aventador because it is something that you will never regret.

Lamborghini grabbed the headlines recently as one of the biggest celebrity couples (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) were spotted in a white Aventador on the streets of Paris. The only thing to be sure about is that make sure that when you drive your Aventador to keep it safe from being towed! Cristiano Ronaldo went through this experience. The spark that the Aventador has gives it a larger than life look which is what celebrities want to achieve when they are seen in their car. The news reports are that American reality star Kim Kardashian bought this Aventador for Kanye West, a hip hop star, for his 35th birthday.

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One way to enjoy a Lamborghini the way a celebrity does is to go on long drives in the car.

Lamborghini Car Hire is the best choice for super car hire especially for treats every now and then when you want to feel like an A-list celebrity with the car of your dreams at your fingertips.

Lamborghini’s image has been bolstered by recent purchases by famous people such as football phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo. Media reports stated that the footballer’s Aventador was towed away due to a miscommunication. The Portuguese national bought a matte black version of the Lamborghini Aventador that looked as if it was inspired by the previous Batman films. The interior of the Aventador with the comfortable passenger seats as well as the luggage compartments make it the ideal getaway vehicle for people who need time alone due to demanding careers and intense lifestyles. The four wheel drive capability of the Aventador could be another reason for its popularity with celebrities. . Football fans who want a touch of this comic book glamour can look at Lamborghini Hire as a way of achieving this. Lamborghini Aventador Hire is the next best way to feel like VIPs cruising around in the streets of Paris because car hire gives motorists the opportunity to sit inside the cabin of the Aventador and experience why it is so captivating for people across all spheres

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