How to Watch FREE AFL Games Live Online

Things You Will NeedA love for the AFL Grand Final Game and AFL results. You just need a broadband internet connection, and a little bit of time to enjoy the game, a set of headphones won’t hurt if you are in a public place. Tips WarningsYou can maximize almost any of these player windows for the best view of the free AFL games.

Enjoy while you watch AFL games live online and other Australian sports such as rugby, football, and cricket.

If you don’t live in Australia watching an AFL game is tough, but you can watch free AFL games live online even if they won’t sell you a subscription. You probably need to check a couple of them to be sure they have the game you want to watch and also to be sure that the site is not slow.

Array. They have been streaming free AFL games live online for some time now.Step 2If you found your free AFL games live online at then you can skip this step. If you are using WIFI, move to the spot with the best speed and number of bars. Stop any downloads you may have going unless you have a very strong internet connection. is an established site that provides literally thousands of TV channels and sports streams. If you download anything at all off the net is always important that you scan it for malicious software. Most importantly, you must enjoy to watch AFL live.Step 1There are a few choices in sites that will provide a stream to watch free AFL games live online. TVU networks is outstanding and highly reputable but safety first always.

Step 3Now it’s time to optimize your internet connection. These are tiny and unobtrusive applications designed to let you view the channels. If you select TVU networks then you will need to install either a plug in or an application. is a very fast site with not as many channels available but a heavy accent on sports events. However there are two outstanding sites that usually have a good connection speed for most users and that stream free AFL games live online. Surfers from various parts of the world will find some sites slower than other users. Low speeds will cause stopping and stuttering and that is never good when trying to watch AFL games live and online.Step 4If you are using the TVU viewer then select the channel that will be streaming the free AFL games live online from the left hand side menu on your viewer. If you are using then just select the channel link and your game will begin streaming in a smaller winder

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