Online Gambling Portal,, Launches Updated Web Site

Both are instructional in nature and aim to simultaneously educate and protect consumers. The result is better functionality; users can quickly locate the search tool and their queries yield more relevant results.

Says Casinos VIP Lounge Vice President, Jay Barclay, “We made these changes in order to fill a void within the online casino industry; namely, who’s looking out for the player? Of course, we want our site to be profitable, but we also want visitors, whether baccarat, slots or video poker fans, to come back. Casino Safety articles provide information on gambling oversight and personal information security, while How to Gamble and Win columns focus on everything from choosing casino games with the best odds to knowing when to walk away from the virtual table.


Among other new Casinos VIP Lounge features are more frequently posted breaking news items that appear NASDAQ-like, as a ticker tape streaming across the site’s news page; simplified navigation of its article and editorial pages courtesy of targeted content management that highlight related reading; and direct access to exclusive casino bonuses via single-click download links on the site’s wide screen layout casino bonus chart.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A Spokesperson today announced the addition of several new features to the popular online casinos portal, including improved search capabilities, instructional articles on securing a safe, quality gaming environment, easier navigation and direct access to top casinos.

Regarding search, Casinos VIP Lounge updated its internal algorithm and gave its search bar a more prominent position within the site’s home page. And you can’t expect players to return if they don’t trust that you respect them.”

Casinos VIP Lounge also established two new editorial categories: Casino Safety and How to Gamble and Win. For more information, visit Site developers anticipate its renovation will be met with player approval and increase overall player satisfaction. is an online casino portal committed to providing players quality casino news and reviews, unique promotions and bonus offers, one-click access to top online casinos and information on popular casino games including blackjack, roulette and everything in between

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