Casino-Gaming :: Horse Racing 101: When to Not Bet

There is always a better race to bet on.

* Never place a wager in an Apprentice race. If you have recently discovered the wonderful sport of horse racing, you may realize that you have a lot to learn. You want to find a horse that has competed well in similar conditions in the past. you will get your money when you win!)

* Do not bet in a Maiden race – a first race for a horse with no record . This is why it is important to learn when you should take a pass.

These tips can stop you from throwing away your money. One of the more important things to learn is when you should NOT place a bet.

Betting on the race can be exhilarating. If there are none in the race, pass.

* If the horse is sweating, limping, walking with head down, or seems inattentive, weary and distracted, then there are less chances that it will win.

* Don’t bet if you cannot afford to lose.. They are very unpredictable and the results vary so it is best to hold off.

* Handicap races with more than 16 runners are unpredictable and you should skip the betting. There are many things a beginner should educate themselves about before betting on a race. The whole point in placing bets is to win money. If you enjoy betting from the comfort of your own home there are many sites online that allow you to do just that – was voted the most user friendly online horse racing website – they are US licensed also – which is a huge plus for safety and security (i.e. Now that you know when not to bet, you can begin learning about the other aspects of betting. It is easy to get caught up in the fun once you start. There are some great apprentice jockeys around but you want a pro that knows what it takes to win the race.

* Do not bet in a race with more than 2 first time starters.

* When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it can be harder to choose which horse to bet on

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