History of Cricket

It has 10 full members, 34 associate members, and 60 affiliate members. England won the gold medal. Today, there is a renewed effort to include it as an Olympic sport.

The origin of cricket is a contentious issue. Till today, it is the only game in the world that has ‘laws’ instead of rules.

The ‘Imperial Cricket Conference’ was formed in 1909 by England, South Africa, and Australia. The next series played between the two countries was termed as the fight to ‘regain the ashes’. The new rulers themselves were fond of the game, and hence, it gained popularity and respect. Till date, a test series between England and Australia is referred to as the ‘Ashes’ test series, and holds a special place in the cricketing world for the intensity and rivalry between the two cricket teams. Cricket made its only appearance in Olympics in the year 1900, with a game played between England and France. There have been many historic events and matches that changed the face of the sport time and again. It was rechristened as the ‘International Cricket Conference’ until 1989, after which it was finally named the ‘International Cricket Council’. The Indian Premier League, which includes all the big names of the cricketing world, is a hugely popular tournament. The game developed in the grasslands of Kent and Sussex, where it was a sport played mostly by kids, and not taken up seriously by adults. He infused big bucks in the game, and rewarded cricketers who played in this rebellious cricket tournament. The ‘Bodyline Series’ between England and Australia in 1932-33, the 1981 ban on underarm bowling after the Aussies used it in the infamous test series against New Zealand, and the emergence of the Indian sub-continent as a powerhouse of cricket in the late 20th century, are some of the notable events in the history of this game.. These laws are still adhered to, except for a few revisions and modifications. The first written record of the game can be traced to 1598, when a mention of the game ‘crekett’ or ‘crickett’ was found. In the year 1788, the ‘Laws of Cricket’ were laid down by the Marylebone Cricket Club, England. Australian magnate Kerry Packer glamorized cricket with his own version, after a fallout with the sport’s governing body. What started as a remote pastime in the English moors, has developed into one of the most eagerly pursued sports in the world.

Cricket gained more popularity with the association of the rich and the famous of England with the game. But some conclusions were drawn based on historical evidence, that traces the sport’s origin to England. In 1611, two men were prosecuted for playing cricket instead of going to church.

The Beginning

The new puritan government of England clamped down on the spread of cricket. Test cricket remains the highest standard of cricket played. The 1680s saw the end of the puritan regime, and monarchy was in power again. Historians and researchers have slightly different theories about the origin of the game. Their interest ensured newspaper coverage for the game. One writer published an obituary for English cricket, stating that its ‘body’ would be cremated, and its ashes spread all over Australia. In spite of betting and petty violence associated with cricket’s early years, the London magistrate viewed the game as ‘respectable’. Charles Lennox, the 2nd Duke of Richmond, the 7th baronet Sir William Gage, and Alan Broderick, were all high-profile connoisseurs of the game. This match was played in Melbourne, Australia, where the home side won by a margin of 45 runs.

The Aussies again defeated the English in 1882, resulting in a public outcry against the poor English game. Slowly, it became popular among adults, only to be suppressed by the clergy. It had become a major pastime in the 1600s among the labor class and peasants. The 1800s saw the emergence of Australia and South Africa as additions to the cricket playing nations. Crics were wooden staves carried by shepherds. The first official international test match was played between the touring English side against Australia. This new concept to hit the cricketing world was the ‘One-Day’ version, and became an instant hit with the players and the spectators alike. As of today, yet another version of the game, ‘Twenty-20′ cricket, is fast becoming a rage amongst the followers of the game. The word ‘cricket’ may have its origin in the word ‘cric’

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